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    The information entered below will be used for administrative purposes. This person will be the main contact for all ongoing conference-related needs.

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    Some of the information collected below will be used on booth attendee badges. Please ensure caps are off, and double check company name, spelling, etc.

    Use abbreviated format, i.e., WA

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    You can view what each package includes in this PDF.

    Exhibitor Fees & Sponsorship PDF


    • 9000 $
    • 6000 $
    • 2500 $

    Note: The Platinum Sponsorship has already been purchased.

    • 300 $
    • 1500 $

    Staff Registration (Step 4/5)

    All information entered below will be used on representatives badge. Please take care on spelling, etc. If you are not sure who will be attending the Conference just add two people as placeholders and you can switch them out closer to the show.

    We add City, ST to badges. Some exhibitors like to put their regional City, ST as opposed to the Company City, ST. You may choose. Use this exact format, i.e. Seattle, WA.

    Additional Booth Representatives Purchase Options

    • 395 $
    • 790 $

    Each additional attendee is $395.00

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