Integra Staff

Executives and Directors

Kevin Welch

President of Integra & QS/1, CTO of J M Smith Corporation

Abel Cruz

Vice President of Cloud Technology

Dennis Williams

Vice President & General Manager

Mario Oliver

Vice President of Client Services

Mike McManus

Vice President of Sales

Sheila Warfield

Vice President of Marketing

Tabb Stringer

Vice President of Product Management

Dave Scott

Director of LTC Architecture

Ed Vess

Director of Pharmacy Professional Affairs

Evelyn Beach

Director of Client Services

Ginna Sloan

Director and Product Manager

Jim Higley

Director of Business Development

Jim McDonald

Director of National LTC Sales

Kirsten Henry

Director of Branded Experiences

Louie Foster

Director of LTC Ancillary Products

Raymond Van Rooyen

Director and Product Manager

Client Services

Amber Moffitt

Mevesi Product Manager

Becky Lewis

Implementation Manager

Brenda Bonnema

DocuTrack Product Manager

Chelsea Grail

Implementation Manager

Daniel Hollifield

Senior Account Representative

Eddie Buchanan

Logix Support Engineer

Erica Andrzejwski

PrimeCare Product Analyst

Kassandra Jackson

Manager, LTC Client Services

Keri Nelson

Implementation Manager

Kim Stiffler

PrimeCare Account Rep.

Kurt Johnson

Implementation Manager

Lisa Fowler

Senior Interface Analyst

Michelle Darmill

Mevesi Support

Petra Brooks

PrimeCare Product Analyst

Randy Burnett

PrimeCare Product Manager

Ryan Hobbs

Assistant Product Manager, PrimeCare & WebConnect

Todd Burger

DeliveryTrack Support Manager


Gordon Hale

Manager Special Projects

Jason Neuhauser

Senior Technical Engineer

Matt Henry

Senior Technical Engineer

Pete Wutzke

Senior Project Engineer


Jeff Ross

Central Region Sales Manager

Mike Plinski

PrimeCare and Mevesi Product Specialist

Paulette Slaughter

Mid-Atlantic Region Sales Manager

Scott Laws

West Region Sales Manager

Todd Murray

Southeast Region Sales Manager

Tony Chambrovich

Northeast Region Sales Manager

Tyler Daniel

PrimeCare and Mevesi Product Specialist

Show Support

Bridget Naidu

Event Planning and Marketing Coordinator

Dale McDonald

Event/Meeting Planner

Camille Corn

Branded Experiences Specialist

John Shealy

Video/Media Specialist

Meggan Carrigg Davidson

Senior Marketing Coordinator