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Classes are still being built out for the 2018 Integra Conference. We will be providing 4 Tracks:

  • Business Track
  • Growth Track
  • Information Technology (IT) Track
  • Integra Product Training Track

Within the tracks some of the courses will be General Sessions and at least five will be accredited for Live CE. As we closer to the show we will post and notify you of updated sessions, instructors, continuing education opportunities, and class outlines.

Business Track

Millennials: How to Recruit & Retain Them - KEYNOTE ADDRESS

Audience: Keynote Address - GENERAL SESSION (ALL)
Speaker: Lou Ann Brubaker, President – Brubaker Consulting
This course is accredited and provides one (1.5) live C.E. Credit for Pharmacists

Ask many people about Millennials and they’ll use words like ‘slacker’, ‘entitled’, or ‘self-involved’. But is that really the case? We don't think so!

In this fast-paced 60-minute keynote, participants will be asked to examine the myths and the truths about Millennials, as well as what strategies provide greater insight into recruiting and retaining what is now the largest workforce age cohort in America. Beyond how you need to attract and keep them in your organization, the program explores what Millennials worry about and how they see their role in the world. You'll learn what Millennials expect in work culture, about their goals, and what skills they possess that could be leveraged to the benefit of pharmacy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe what constitutes a Millennial (is it just age or mindset?).
  • Differentiate between myths (& truths) about Millennials.
  • Describe how employers need to recruit & retain Millennials in the workplace.
  • Recognize what communication (and supervisor) expectations Millennials have at work.
  • Develop opportunities at work for Millennials that play to their strengths.
Dealing With Pharmacy Audits

Audience: All Attendees
Speaker: Mark Jacobs, R.Ph. - PAAS (Pharmacy Audit Assistance Service) National

What will they come up with next? Where are all of these rules and did I sign up for them? Many PBM auditors identify erroneous items as discrepancies that are little more than excuses for grabbing money. Audits can result in huge profits for the PBM, when the pharmacy purchases and sells prescription drugs only to have the money clawed back as a result of some clerical or technical discrepancy. What will they come up with next? Hear from an industry-leading expert on what to look out for and how to avoid audit chargebacks.

HIPAA and the New HIPAA Audit Program – Are You Ready?

Audience: All Attendees
Speaker: Jason Walker-Crawford, R.Ph. – PAAS (Pharmacy Audit Assistance Service) National

Do you know about the new HIPAA Audit Program? Are you at risk for lawsuits caused by privacy violations? Learn the building blocks for your pharmacy to be compliant with HIPAA. Discover how your pharmacy could be at risk for HIPAA audits, enforcement, and legal actions related to HIPAA compliance.

ROI, IRR, and NPV: Financial Evaluation of Technology Projects

Audience: All Attendees – Must possess basic Microsoft Excel experience.
 -- This class will introduce the use of certain financial functions within Excel.
Speaker: Michael Sauer, D.Ed., MBA, Sr. Product Analyst - Integra LTC Solutions

This class (for possible CE credit) will focus on the financial evaluation of potential technological initiatives in an LTC pharmacy (e.g. robotic implementation). Attention will be given to these terms: sunk, fixed, and variable costs. The class will emphasize the use of Microsoft Excel to provide insight into calculating financial functions such as ROI, IRR, and NPV. Attendees will learn how to compare and contrast possible projects and how to construct and consider criteria used to choose between mutually exclusive projects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the meaning of mutually exclusive in regards to technology projects.
  • Learn how to recognize both the necessary and unnecessary data involved in financial evaluation.
  • Understand the difference between financial evaluation models: Payback, ROI, IRR, and NPV.
  • Learn how to calculate and evaluate NPV given certain financial expenses and benefits.

Growth Track

Bridging the Divide: Transition to Collaborative Healthcare – GENERAL SESSION

Survive and Thrive in a Value-Based Payment Environment

Instructor: Irving Stackpole, RRT, Med, President – Stackpole & Associates
This course is accredited and provides one (1.5) live C.E. Credit for Pharmacists

The steps to develop a cross-continuum collaborative for care are far from intuitive, and have been undertaken by only a few organizations. Programs and approaches which effectively manage care between and among discharging hospitals, post-acute care providers, home and community-based services, for example, are rare. Often they don’t succeed in producing the efficiency or productivity hoped for, and so they are not sustainable.

To survive and thrive in a value-based payment environment, providers must quickly learn new approaches, develop deep and lasting collaborative relationship, and do so in a way that preserves the best of the care and support they provide patients, clients, end-users, and consumers.

But how? How do we build collaboration where there is currently intense competition and secrecy? How can we create teams that are efficient, productive, and sustainable?

Introduction/Impact of Health Information Exchange (HIE) in LTC Pharmacy

Audience: DocuTrack Administrators and Users
Instructors: Nate Tyler, PMP, CPHIMS, MCP, Chief Operating Officer – Simply Connect
                        Evelyn Beach, R.Ph., Senior Consultant – Integra LTC Solutions

Discover the new path for pharmacies. Let your pharmacy set the standard for your area. HIE will give you the tools to get the information you need in a timely and more efficient method. Learn how pharmacies can have a direct impact on patient care and provide added services to your Facilities. Recognize these billable opportunities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define Health Information Exchange (HIE).
  • Understand the role and impact of HIE in pharmacies:
    • Provision of added services to facilities and patients such as:
      • MTM
      • Medication reconciliations
      • Proactive formulary management
      • Continuation of care
    • Identify some of the added services for facilities and patients.
    • Recognize billable opportunities.
    • Discuss some sample implementation scenarios.
LTC Pharmacy: Maximize Productivity & Efficiency

Audience: All Attendees – Must possess basic knowledge of LTC pharmacy operations.
Instructor: Kendra Cairns, Sr. Product Analyst – Integra LTC Solutions
                        Michael Sauer, D.Ed., MBA, Senior Product Analyst – Integra LTC Solutions

This class will focus on productivity, efficiencies, and workflow processes within the LTC Pharmacy setting. Attention will be given to the types of workflow steps that can maximize productivity and efficiency, streamline processes to reduce duplicate or unnecessary steps during fulfillment, and reduce costly errors that require both extra labor efforts and supplies. Attendees could expect to learn how to analyze their current level of productivity and identify areas where improvements in streamlining processes could result in increased productivity and efficiency. Strategies to assist in developing and implementing changes will also be considered.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the various workflow steps within an LTC Pharmacy.
  • Learn how to analyze current productivity within the pharmacy.
  • Learn how to identify areas where process improvements could be beneficial to increasing productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • Consider strategies to maximize team involvement and minimize disruption while making improvements.
Integra: Company Vision & Direction – GENERAL SESSION

Speaker: Kevin Welch, President – Integra & CTO - J M Smith

Join Integra’s President as he delivers the company’s 2018/19 outlook, his vision for Integra products, and the ongoing partnerships with our valued customer base. Kevin will address:

  • Progress and goals as we shift toward J M Smith’s LTC Center of Excellence.
  • The transition of the PrimeCare® pharmacy system to Integra management.
  • Integra core products including development, roadmap, and vision.
  • Technology projects and integration across all J M Smith Divisions.
  • The LTC industry outlook including challenges and opportunities.

Information Technology Track

System & Workflow Alerts in DocuTrack

Audience: Must have scripting experience, i.e. JavaScript

Instructor: Matt Henry, Senior Technical Engineer – Integra

This course will explore various alert types, mainly focusing on system alerts. It will cover the alerts that come preconfigured in DocuTrack, how to use the help button to configure existing alerts, and how to customize alerts to meet your business needs. Alerts can provide immense value including monitoring time between faxes (document inactivity), local disk space, and service interruptions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the difference between workflow and system alerts.
  • Identify out-of-box alerts and how they apply to your business.
  • Explore alert options, applicable use, and ideas for custom configuration.
  • Learn how to modify alerts, adding your own values using JavaScript.
Technical Health: What Integra Provides and Where Your IT Begins

Audience: Highly Technical Administrators, IT Managers, and IT Staff

Instructors: Thomas Stevens, Manager of Technical Resources – Integra

Integra’s support goes well beyond calls and emails. From building your server to ongoing behind-the-scenes health monitoring, the Integra technical support team is invested in your pharmacy’s health. The focus of this course is to ensure you know what Integra provides from a technical perspective, and where your technical team should augment to best support your business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore what Integra is monitoring behind the scenes:
    • Disk failure/warning and disk capacity
    • SQL job status and database health
    • Power supply, temperature, and fan
    • Memory pre-failure and processor failure
    • System and SQL performance metrics:
      • CPU, memory, and storage
      • Page life expectancy and blocking
    • Identify what Integra provides regarding backups and what your team should be handling.
    • Understand the benefits of an Integra server versus outside hardware, and how you can supplement if purchasing your own.
IT Threats: How to Recognize and Manage Them

Audience: Administrators, IT Managers, and IT Staff

Instructor: Tony Roessler, Account Executive – Integral Solutions Group

This session was built to address the ongoing news of the growing threats of data breaches. This will help companies/employees understand the types of threats that their business may face, defining and understanding of the different groups who produce threats, and the differences in these threats. The class will also articulate the evolutions of security threats, social engineering, and ransomware.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the financial consequences of a data breach.
  • Learn about the types of hackers and data breaches.
  • Define potential threats including spam, phishing, ransomware, social engineering, etc.
  • Identify best practices to recognize, prevent, and manage threats.
Building SSRS Reports for Operational Analytics

Audience: Must have SQL business intelligence experience

Instructor: Thomas Stevens, Manager of Technical Resources – Integra

This class will demonstrate how to build reports using SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) with DocuTrack SQL views. These allow your pharmacy to better gauge staffing efficiency, monitor product usage, document volume, and more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identity what data views are available in DocuTrack to facilitate reporting.
  • Learn to group, sort, and total the results to find what you are looking for.
  • Explore examples of charts in reports.
  • Simplify your Microsoft SQL Reporting and make it easier to understand.
Searchable Archiving for Increased Performance

Audience: DocuTrack Administrators, Operational Staff, or IT

Instructor: Matt Henry, Senior Technical Engineer – Integra

If your pharmacy is not archiving, you likely should be. Archiving can greatly increase system performance for a faster, more responsive DocuTrack. Learn what Searchable Archiving is and reasons you should use it including reduced database size and shorter SQL backup run times. This class will discuss the current archiving options and demonstrate how you can archive and still retain near-instant access your documents. Every day, more documents pour into your system, increasing document count and database size. Archiving is highly recommended, if not necessary, for most Integra customers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Configure and schedule archive jobs.
  • Search within Archives to find your documents.
  • Choose an adequate storage location for your archives.
  • Relocate existing archives to a new storage location.

Integra Products & Services Training Track

Maximize DocuTrack Workflow to Your Advantage

Audience: DocuTrack Administrators, Operational Staff, Management, or IT

Instructor: Pamela Maddox, Account Manager – Integra

Tired of all that paper in the pharmacy? Let DocuTrack manage all your documents. This class will show you how to build workflow, and give you some ideas of how to use DocuTrack in other departments, incorporate Logix to automate some tasks, manage document import rules to route documents quickly, and take electronic orders to a new level. Also included is training to get your Address Book set up for Logix lookups to eliminate the need for external Excel spreadsheets.

Learning Objectives:   

  • Demonstrate how to build workflow.
  • Trigger ideas using sample workflows to use DocuTrack in other departments.
  • Introduce how to incorporate Logix into your workflow.
  • Learn how document import rules can simplify routing of electronic orders.
  • Utilize the new Address Book for designating facility floors/units/wings for use by Logix.
Building and Expanding Your Forms Library in DocuTrack

Audience: DocuTrack Administrators, Users who create DocuTrack forms

Instructor: Chelsea Grail, Implementation Manager – Integra

This class will provide attendees with an understanding of the process of creating interactive forms that can be used in DocuTrack. DocuTrack Version 6.6 Service Pack 1 and later enables forms to display information from more than one association. This class will also walk you through the steps required to customize forms using auto-population values, best practices for forms creation, and how to add a new form to the DocuTrack Forms Library.

Learning Objectives:   

  • Understand how to create and use DocuTrack forms.
  • Become familiar with PDF-Xchange Editor Plus to create and edit PDF files.
  • Identify customization options and best practices.
  • Discover how to add a new form to the DocuTrack Forms Library.
Secure Communication Options in DocuTrack

Audience: DocuTrack Administrators and Users

Instructor: Raymond van Rooyen, Director & Product Manager – Integra
                   Evelyn Beach, R.Ph., Senior Consultant – Integra

Facilities and providers have been asking for other forms of communication that are not faxing. The demand for other forms of communications has been greatly increasing and newer standards of communication have been emerging. DocuTrack can provide you solutions; the pharmacy can offer secure and HIPAA compliant communications with the healthcare team.

Learning Objectives:     

  • Review HIPAA requirements in regards to electronic communications.
  • Understand the role and benefits of secure communications for the pharmacy.
  • Promote secure electronic communications as an added service to the facilities and providers.
  • Implementation of Secure Messaging and Secure Email in DocuTrack.
  • Discuss workflow scenarios.
Making Direct Print Work for You

Audience: All DocuTrack Users

Instructor: Jason Neuhauser, Senior Technical Engineer – Integra

This course will explore various ways that Integra’s Direct Print product can be used to “print” documents into DocuTrack. In this class, you will learn ways to setup these printers and streamline the associated processes to provide maximum value.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the Direct Print Module and how it works.
  • Identify how to create highly customizable routing rules for routing Direct Print Documents.
  • Learn about additional features that can be enabled on print such as:
    • Print overlays
    • Automatic associations
DocuTrack Disaster Recovery

Audience: Pharmacy Managers, IT Staff

Instructors: Jason Neuhauser, Senior Technical Engineer – Integra

In this class, attendees will explore what it takes to get DocuTrack functional again after a disaster occurs, and methods that can be put into place to reduce or eliminate risk of data loss or excessive downtime.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what data is required at minimum to get DocuTrack functional again.
  • Discuss configuration methods that can be used to minimize downtime or risk of data loss.
  • Identify ways that Integra offerings may be able to help your company in the event of an emergency.
Maximize on DocuTrack & DeliveryTrack

Audience: Users who have DocuTrack and DeliveryTrack or are looking to have both applications

Instructor: Kurt Johnson, Account Manager – Integra

For pharmacies with both DocuTrack and DeliveryTrack, make sure you are maximizing the use of both applications together. Kurt will explore searching for manifests in DT & DLT, reports, routing manifests (notes fields w/ doc import rules and doc text criteria), audits, handling returned drugs, how each interface works (QS/1, FWLTC, .dat file populating our tables vs. query), and the value of managing both applications in your pharmacy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how DocuTrack and DeliveryTrack communicate.
  • Learn to utilize both applications to account for processing returns and preparing for audits.
  • Explore the best searching methods (DocuTrack-driven or DeliveryTrack-driven).
  • Form a thorough outlook on both applications’ roles in the orders-in-meds-out process.
Introduction to DeliveryTrack

Audience: DeliveryTrack Users

Instructor: Darrell McCarroll, DeliveryTrack Support Manager – Integra

This class is for customers who are considering DeliveryTrack or those who want an informed overview. You will learn DeliveryTrack’s purpose, how the parts interact, and how to choose the right Android devices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the overall purpose and function of DeliveryTrack for Android.
  • Identify the value added by using DeliveryTrack for Android.
  • Learn the hardware requirements for operating DeliveryTrack.
  • Know the importance of managing the pharmacy’s deliveries.
DeliveryTrack Route Planning

Audience: DeliveryTrack Users

Instructor: Darrell McCarroll, DeliveryTrack Support Manager – Integra

This class will look at the different ways to create routes in DeliveryTrack, how to determine which works best for your pharmacy, and how to use them to best manage your delivery process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the different ways to create routes, and when to use them.
  • Understand what capabilities your Pharmacy System provides.
  • Know who is responsible for what parts of the route creation.
  • Learn why it may be better to shift work to different parts of the delivery chain.
DeliveryTrack Administrator Training

Audience: This class is most suitable for existing DeliveryTrack customers

Instructor: Todd Burger, Implementation Services Manager – Integra

Delve into the latest features of DeliveryTrack and understand how to use them to best manage your delivery process. We will focus in on the reconciliation process, streamlining route creation, and best practices for administrators.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to utilize Routing Rules.
  • Locate items in transit.
  • Recognize the value in the track item workspace.
  • Quickly identify Rx’s without signatures.
DeliveryTrack Roadmap & Industry Trends Affecting Logistics

Audience: DeliveryTrack Administrators, Courier Companies, Operational Staff

Instructor: Raymond van Rooyen, Director & Product Manager – Integra

This session will explore what features are slated for upcoming versions. Give input into features you would like to see in future and join the open discussion on industry trends and the broader environmental factors affecting Logistics. As a business partner, this is your opportunity to give input into future product direction.  

Learning Objectives:   

  • Understand the importance of managing your delivery process.
  • Gain insight into market threats and opportunities relating to logistics.
  • Understand the DeliveryTrack product roadmap.
  • Give input into the product feature set.