Continuing Education

Stay tuned for more! As we continue to build out the show schedule, arrange speakers, and solidify relevant topics, we will add C.E. topics and instructors. At least five credits will be offered at the 2018 Conference, though likely more. We’ll be announcing new C.E.s as we confirm them, but don’t forget to check back here too for the latest updates.

Lou Ann Brubaker

Keynote Address

1.5 Live C.E. Credit

Millennials: Why You Want to Recruit & Retain Them

In this fast-paced 90-minute keynote participants will be asked to examine the myths and the truths about Millennials, as well as what strategies provide greater insight into recruiting and retaining what is now the largest workforce age cohort in America.

  • Describe what constitutes a Millennial (is it just age or mindset).
  • Differentiate between myths (& truths) about Millennials.
  • Describe how employers need to recruit & retain Millennials in the workplace.
  • Recognize what communication (and supervisor) expectations Millennials have at work.
  • Develop opportunities at work for Millennials that play to their strengths.

Irving Stackpole, RRT, MED

President - Stackpole & Associates

1 Live C.E. Credit

Bridging the Divide: Transition to Collaborative Healthcare

The steps to develop a cross-continuum collaborative for care are far from intuitive, and have been undertaken by only a few organizations. Programs and approaches which effectively manage care between and among discharging hospitals, post-acute care providers, home and community-based services, for example, are rare. And too often they don’t succeed in producing the efficiency or productivity hoped for, and so they are not sustainable.

To survive and thrive in a value-based payment environment, providers must quickly learn new approaches, develop deep and lasting collaborative relationships and do so in a way that preserves the best of the care and support they provide patients, clients, end-users and consumers.

But how? How do we build collaboration where there is currently intense competition and secrecy? How can we create teams that are efficient, productive and sustainable?

Mark Jacobs, R.Ph.

PAAS (Pharmacy Audit Assistance Service) National

1 Live C.E. Credit

Dealing With Pharmacy Audits

What will they come up with next? Where are all of these rules and did I sign up for them? Many PBM auditors identify erroneous items as discrepancies that are little more than excuses for grabbing money. Audits can result in huge profits for the PBM, when the pharmacy purchases and sells prescription drugs only to have the money clawed back as a result of some clerical or technical discrepancy. What will they come up with next? Hear from an industry-leading expert on what to look out for and how to avoid audit chargebacks.

Jason Walker-Crawford, R.Ph.

PAAS (Pharmacy Audit Assistance Service) National

1 Live C.E. Credit

HIPAA and the New HIPAA Audit Program – Are You Ready?

Do you know about the new HIPAA Audit Program? Are you at risk for lawsuits caused by privacy violations? Learn the building blocks for your pharmacy to be compliant with HIPAA. Discover how your pharmacy could be at risk for HIPAA audits, enforcement, and legal actions related to HIPAA compliance.