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The Next-Gen Senior Care Pharmacist

Chad Worz, B.S., Pharm.D
President of Medication Managers, LLC

Podcast Part 1 

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Explore the following topics:

  • Understand the Opioid Epidemic impact on senior care and appropriate use of Antipsychotic Intervention
  • Collaboratives with primary care, psychiatrists, and specialists
  • Identify strategies you can use in your organization to improve pharmacist and interdisciplinary team engagement in healthcare improvement initiatives
  • Describe typical “prescribing cascades” and implications for medication review
  • Describe how innovative pharmacy practice models can improve prescribing and care outcomes in the elderly

A serious occurrence in LTC-Pharmacy/ Senior Care pharmacy is Prescription cascade.

Prescription cascade refers to the process whereby the side effects of drugs are misdiagnosed as symptoms of another problem resulting in further prescriptions and further side effects and unanticipated drug interactions. This may lead to further misdiagnoses and further symptoms.

The Amazon Effect on the Modern Pharmacy World

Darshan Kulkarni, Pharm.D, JD
Synchrongenix, a Certara Company

Podcast Part 2

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Shares of Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and Express Scripts have dropped 14%, 1%, risen 15% and dropped 5% over the last three months on news that Amazon may be entering the pharmacy world. Dr. Darshan Kulkarni, a leading Food and Drug and principal attorney at the Kulkarni Law Firm, serves on the board of the American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA) which has over 1,700 members and represents over 1,100 independent retail and LTC-Pharmacy owners. Pharmacy owners could be significantly impacted by Amazon’s entry into the pharmacy industry. The impact of Amazon on these small business owners could change lives, impact livelihood and potentially decimate cornerstones of several communities – the small independent pharmacy.

Amazon “has not had the cleanest supply chain so far,” said Kulkarni and a dirty supply chain “gets very quickly eviscerated when you’re dealing with regulated products like drugs and devices.”  Kicking products off Amazon’s website could affect its product margins, because customers may no longer see it as a one-stop shop, said Kulkarni, who noted he holds Amazon stock.  But if Amazon expands into medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs or medical supplies, “they’re going to go from serving customers, which they’re very good at, to serving agencies… and that may end up impacting how they do business,” he said. “When you’re serving two masters, one is probably going to end up being unhappy.”