2017 Attendee Reviews

Cliff Hunt

Strategic Health Partners

Integra staff always put on a top shelf customer-focused show that exceeds expectations. Customer service, content, experience exceed similar shows; the conferences are always informative. Staff is always accessible and wonderful. Many thanks to all who contributed to the success of the conference and keep up the good work.

Greg Hooks

Senior Care Pharmacy


I always enjoy the Integra Conferences. It is a valuable learning opportunity as well as a great way to meet other pharmacies and find ways to improve workflow.

Lyndi Ilyes

Brockie Pharmacy

The staff at Integra are amazing. Clearly they love their jobs and do a wonderful job at representing this to all of us while we were there. Great job!

Stephanie Kirkland

ElderCare Pharmacy

Great conference. Integra always does a great job of being entertaining as well as informative. I love attending this event.

Mary Glavan


The One-on-One sessions were extremely helpful.

Keith Wallace

Tara Pharmacy

Attending the conference and hearing about the direction is heading in the future is critical to my feeling confident that I am partnered with the right company.

Rene Sutton

Mercury Pharmacy Services

I have always enjoyed the Users Conference. Helpful information, fun to visit with Integra Staff and always good information. Thank you for all your hard work to make it fun and informative.

Ross Merideth

Sterling Healthcare Services

This was an excellent event and well organized. Would like to mention the friendliness of the Integra staff. Everyone was very nice and personable. There’s a great bunch of people working there.